Despite degus being a relatively unknown rodent, they have been featured in a TV show, movie, and book!


Who would have guessed that degus would be featured in a TV show! "ATARU" aired in Japan in 2012. The main character Ataru (aka Chokozai) carries a small degu plush, resembling his childhood pet Choro the degu. Later in the show, another character adopts a pet degu and names it Chokozai after the title character.

A movie was released as a finale to the tv show in 2013. This movie shows a degu being edited into a photo by the villian to frame the protagonist. Glimpses of the degu Chokozai also appear a few times, though sadly he’s not a cage fit for degus.

The show and movie aren’t available offically in English. You can read summaries of the episodes as an alternative.

Delia Degú y su sombrero

"Delia Degu and Her Hat" by Cecilia Beuchat is a Spanish children’s book about a degu wanting to decorate her hat! She is given a wide variety of decorations by friends, and even if it isn’t what she originally wanted her hat to look like, she loves her new hat.

The book is out of print so you can only find it used or for Kindle.

Wild Journey – Chile: Country of Contrasts

A documentary about the wildlife of Chile which includes a feature on degus. A great look at degus in the wild! It is available to watch on YouTube.