Degus as Pets

Pet degus are gaining in popularity, thanks to their social and friendly nature, and longer lifespans than other pet rodents. They can live 7-8 years on average!

You should always try to have 2 or more degus. They are more social than guinea pigs or chinchillas, and can get very depressed without having a companion. While some degus can be solitary, they will need much more attention. It's best to try to get them a friend!

The one main concern with keeping degus is watching their diet. Degus cannot metabolize sugar, so making sure your degu's food is free of any suggary ingredients is a top priority. This includes limiting fruit! Healthy treats often come down to dried flowers and herbs. Majority of a degu's diet should be hay.

Degus require a large area to run. Most ferret or chinchilla cages work perfectly for degus, as long as the platforms are not plastic! Degus will chew anything and everything, so having an all metal cage with wood platforms is ideal.

Breeding in captivity has created a variety of degu colorations! In the wild standard brown agouti is all you'll see. As pets you can find more colors such as blue, sand, cream, and black, along with piebald (white splotches) of each!

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Before adopting a degu, be sure to check local laws! Due to them being new to the pet trade, many states and countries do not allow them as environmental impact (if they escape) has not been researched. Also be sure you find a local exotic veterinarian who can help keep your degu healthy and happy!

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