Information on Degus

Learn about degus in the wild and as pets, including the different species of degus and how they are represented in books and TV.


The common degu (Octodon degus) is one of 5 species called "degu". They are most closely related to rock rats and viscacha rats, but are also a relative of chinchillas, cavies, and many other South American rodents.

Degus in the Wild

Degus live in the Chile Matorral region, with dry summers and rainy winters. They are not a threatened species, and are the most well known and researched degu species.

Degus as Pets

Pet degus are gaining in popularity, thanks to their social and friendly nature, and longer lifespans than other pet rodents. Breeding in captivity has also created a wide variety of colorations of degus.

Degus in Media

Despite degus being a relatively unknown rodent, they have been featured in a TV show, movie, and books!